samertia (samertia) wrote in iconertia,

Whatever It Takes

Title: Whatever it Takes
Song Artist: The Faders
Source: Doctor Who Season 1 (Mainly 1x13 Parting of the Ways)
Length: 3:30 minutes
Size: 27.6 Mb
Format: .avi (DivX)
Summary: (Nine/Rose) Rose will do whatever it takes to be with the Doctor.

Any and all comments and criticisms would be enormously appreciated :)

Notes: This was made... well, I can't actually remember when I made it but it was directly after watching the whole of season 1 of Doctor Who for the first time. So at least 18 months ago. Some of its flaws therefore seem rather obvious to me now, but I still really like the video as a whole so I figured I'd post it before posting some of my newer stuff :)
Tags: doctor who, vids
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It's too beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
Really beautiful vid. I don't normally like the slow songs as much as I do the fast ones, but you did a great job. The song was perfect and the whole thing flowed well.
Kay, I don't know what's wrong, but it won't download. Is it not available anymore?
Hmmm... I just tried it myself and it downloaded fine :( Maybe if you try it again? It might just have been a temporary glitch. If it's still not working I can upload it to yousendit or something or like that.
Working fine now. Must've been my connection. >_>